How it Works


Simply sign up your church or charitable organization to be included in our network. Its easy, and free.

No credit or debit card needed.  Ever.  You will never be sent an invoice or bill of any kind.  The Tithe with Bitcoin network carries a 3.0% maintenance fee which is processed from the incoming donations.


We manage the technology for you.

We will assign and maintain a Bitcoin wallet and address for your organization.  As the donations are received, these funds will be securely stored in your wallet. The Bitcoins will then be converted to US dollars at current market value, and an electronic payment (or paper check) will be deposited into your bank account weekly.


What action do you have to take?

Once you become a member, all you need to do is inform your supporters that the organization now accepts Bitcoin for donation, in addition to other established payment channels.  You will be provided informational brochures, signs  and leaflets that display your Bitcoin address.  Your Bitcoin address can also be displayed on your organization's website and social media pages.  Anyone with a Bitcoin wallet who wants to donate to your address can simply scan the QR code with their smartphone and enter the amount they wish to send.