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Send money to your church or charitable organization at anytime, from anywhere.

 You no longer need to be in church to give to the offering plate.  It doesn't need to be a Sunday, either.  Now you can give generously from wherever you are, any day of the week.  (But we still recommend you attend Sunday  service).

tithe with crypto

No credit card necessary.

Bitcoin is a new type of money that runs on the internet.  Banks and credit cards are no longer needed to send value to someone.  Just a smartphone or PC.   


The future of giving is here.

Sign up today, and open the door for all the blessings the Lord has in store for you to come streaming in! 

About Us

Justin Stucks


As a Bitcoin miner and crypto enthusiast, I am amazed by the revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin.  I strongly feel it is the next big advancement in the technology of money, and will greatly impact how we transfer value from one another in the future.  When I looked into how to send Bitcoin to my church as a donation, I found there wasn't a good system in place to do so.  That's why I founded Tithe with Bitcoin, to provide cryptocurrency enthusiasts a secure and easy method to send Bitcoin to support their favorite church or charitable organization.

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